The No-Nonsense Guide To Write Irresistible Headlines

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  • Does writing a headline seem like an uphill task to you?
  • Do you believe that you have to be Galilean clever to write an impactful headline?
  • Does writing a headline take a hellishly long time?

Hi! I am Lipika-Top Writer in Writing, Coach (Writing), & Author.

I always hear from my readers and coaching clients about how they feel that writing a headline is a herculean task that needs a lot of brain cells or expertise. That has inspired me to write several articles on headlines that have helped my readers immensely.

So, I decided to collate everything in one place for my readers and make this seemingly grueling task of writing headlines as easy as slicing butter.

With this book, 'The No-Nonsense Guide To Write Irresistible Headlines,' I will help you break all the shackles that hold you from writing a fantabulous headline.

That's a promise.

Is writing good headlines really important?

The answer is the same as 'Is oxygen really important to be alive?'


Because no matter how well-researched, informative, and ground-breaking the content is, unless you open the door to that, no reader is getting in. The door? That's your headline.

"Now, I spend hours on headlines – days if necessary. And when I get a good headline, I know that my task is nearly finished." – John Caples

Because it is the first point of contact for your reader.

And trust me, it’s a make-or-break deal. Get it right, and the reader is all yours, ready to become your customer or an active member of your community. Get it wrong, and they ignore you like a disinterested lover. (Ouch!)

What will this book do for you?

In one sentence:

Enable you to create compelling & irresistible headlines that your readers cannot resist but click, giving your story every chance it deserves.

  1. Breaking down the fundamentals. What are the components of writing a good headline? Get this sorted, and you will never again go wrong in writing a good headline.
  2. Playing with emotions. Of the readers', of course. Humans are jukeboxes that way- put the right emotion in, and it sings to your tune. Headlines are no different. Learn how to use different kinds of emotions (fear, greed, suspense, curiosity, shock, etc.) in your headlines to connect with your readers. Immediately.
  3. Powering up the machine. With Power Words-words that immediately amp up your headline’s equity. They are strategically placed in the headline to lure your reader’s attention. [Unfairly exquisite, drool-worthy, etc.]
  4. Tweaking to transform. Tiny changes that transcend the effectiveness of your headlines. You would be amazed how small changes can have such huge impacts. Like 'marrying' without? Or coining new words.
  5. Saying NO to click baits. And learn the difference between writing catchy headlines and click baits.
  6. Building the habit. How to keep the headline muscle toned up? Practices that will keep you ahead of the game.
  7. My framework to write a good headline. Yes, I will share with you how I go from blank to a lip-smacking headline. The whole thought process and how this eventually flows to my 'AHA' moment.

What else are you getting?

Still you want some more? Well, I am not here to disappoint you. So, here goes.

  • Headline Templates

Over 60 headline templates. And they are going to make your job so much easier. Almost like plug-and-play kinda easy.

Just choose a template, fill in your details, and you are sorted.

  • Glossary of 700+ Power Words

All in one place. For you to choose and immediately see your headline transform from basic to brilliant.

Who is this book for?

Well, this book is for you if you:

  • want to work on one of THE MOST critical elements of a story that will decide the fate of your work,
  • are someone who is finding it difficult to frame a good enough title and feels that a lot can be done in that area,
  • are someone who wants to explore more about the art of catching eyeballs for their content.

The right way to do it

It is not a one-time-read book. I strongly suggest that you go slow. Just chew the cud and take it all in. And, as they say, perfection is a mirage without practice. So, please do remember to apply the things in your work.

And one last thing:


Writing headlines is an art form that gets better with every stroke of trial. So,

Keep trying, keep playing, and keep growing.

Liked this book? Please drop feedback. It would be much appreciated.

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The No-Nonsense Guide To Write Irresistible Headlines

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