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Headline Power Booster- 700+ Power Words To Skyrocket Your Headline Game

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"The headline is the map, the compass, the signpost that points the way to the product." - John Caples

If you are here, you are already aware of the importance of a good headline and its impact on the success of a story.

Whether you're trying to capture the attention of a reader, persuade a customer to buy your product, or communicate an important message, the headline is your MOST CRUCIAL chance to make an impact.

Writing a good headline is an art; and the best part of an art is that it can be learned through consistent practice.

What is Headline Power Booster?

It's an innocent list.

A list of 700+ POWER WORDS that can skyrocket your headline's equity, which in turn gives your story a much better chance to be clicked & read.

What are power words?

Power words are words that are used to evoke strong emotions, create an impact, and persuade the reader or listener to take action.

Compare these headline:

10 Ideas To Improve Your Writing Skills


10 Steal Worthy Ideas To Instantly Uptick Your Writing Skills


10 Game-changing Ideas To Amplify Your Writing Skills

Well, I can go on, but I think you got the point.

Adding some words immediately made the headline powerful.

How will this list help you?

This list has an exyensive list of power words already segregated under broad categories like

Urgency/Speed, Excitement, Curiosity, Greed, etc.

So, when you write a headline and you want a power word for 'important' you can pick from words like:

keystone, cardinal, linchpin, etc.


This list will help you:

  • transform your usual headlines to power-packed headlines that
  • grab's your reader's attention
  • and thus enhances your story's success.
  • It saves you time, searching for an appropriate word
  • that adds PUNCH to your headline
  • instantly.

This list started as a personal project, a go-to sheet when I sat down to write down my headlines.

With over 700+ words, this sheet has helped me save so much time, I thought it would be great for other writers too.

So, feel free to use this list and keep adding your own power words to it.


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Headline Power Booster- 700+ Power Words To Skyrocket Your Headline Game

6 ratings
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